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Bulletfish Robin, June 9 2020

Sociallay Distanced Photoshoots

As many of you are aware, continuing to supply rich Photography & Video Content to our clients became somewhat of a challenge during the lockdown restrictions here in the U.K. 

Whilst the majority of our customers in the Food & Drink industry ceased to operate as instructed, essential grocery and food supply stores remained open. 

Preparing for a shoot in the normal way of things requires a reasonable amount of pre-production; planning, sourcing products & props, set dressing, food-styling, lighting & kit checks, printing release forms, arranging transport for the crew...the list goes on.  

The newly added restrictions regarding social distancing meant we weren't really sure what to expect, how to conduct a 'safe' shoot, or how it would turn out.

After much research and planning we arranged the first shoot of the lockdown, concious of conducting it in the 'safest' possible way (for us & our clients). 

We decided to carry out this shoot outside... Those that have tried to edit a large amount of photos to the same style/look in ever changing light will know that this is normally a bad idea - consistent lighting is key to achieving consistent results. 

Having said that, we rose to the challange and opted for (not the prettiest of settings!) the staff carpark in favour of a space that would have made social distancing almost impossible. 

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Bulletfish Robin

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